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The famous Positano sandals and other types of hoof strictly hand-made, it found by Giovanni. "La Botteguccia" in Via Regina Giovanna, 19, at the heart of Positano at the foot of the notorious "Scalinatella" was founded in the early'60s.

Over the years, Positano from small fishing village that was, timidly stated in an international tourist destination as the elite, thanks to the meticulous work of those craftsmen who built the miracle then nicknamed "moda Positano" in which it is a place for everything important in sandals made by hand by the "master shoemakers.".

So that the sandal, probably first in the history of footwear, it becomes the subject of fashion and design. The sandal of workshops is part of the history of Positano. This was worn by Jacqueline kennedy in Franco Zeffirelli passing by Carla Fracci, and it is not uncommon to be outside the shop to be measured a sandal sitting next to a star of the international jet-set.